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Taking on Challenges with the Power of Positivity

Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.

African Proverb

This week I’m taking a step to look at challenges. First off I’ll admit, this is not a “I’m Telling You What to Do or Think” post, but more as an affirmation for myself.

What do we do when we are challenged? Or maybe I should ask, what do I do when I’m challenged? I’d like to think that I bounce forward and press on. But do I, or do I give myself permission to take what would be considered the easy road? It looks attractive, believe me. But is it healthy to go down it?

Most people probably would say no, it’s not good. They may even write blog posts about it saying you shouldn’t give in (Glad I’m not one of THOSE guys!). But sometimes when you’re faced with the challenge personally, even those thoughts of “What you should do” vanish like you were experiencing life again for the first time, without your handy Press-On Quote Book. You may even start taking a couple steps down the easy path because you think it feels right. Everything tends to follow the path of least resistance.

Power of Positive Thinking

Lately I’ve been tweeting quotes to the hashtag #powerofpositivethinking because it’s my affirmation to take a stand. I’ve been reading Eric Lofholm’s book, “The System,” where he challenges people learning sales skills to verbalize their goals. My goal is to be positive, no matter what. Simple and not salesly, but a huge element nonetheless.

So far It seems to be working. A problem that has popped up that I may have reacted differently, I took a different look at. That instant – I was happier. After all, I think all human beings long for challenges, or at least the feeling of completing a task successfully.


A world without that positive way of thinking gets pretty dark and lonely. To me, you only have two options. To face the challenge and rebrand it as “This is an exciting opportunity to be a problem solver” rather than, “Ugh this happened again!” has helped my overall attitude and demeanor BIG TIME since implementing the goal.

I’m not saying I’m perfect. But like I said before, with this affirmation to make my goal of being a Positive Problem Solver no matter what the situation, I hope to reach my goals faster.

I’ll let you know when I get there.